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Apfelbaum wrote:

There is no statistical proof that registration and severe penalties for non-registered weapons have any impact at all on gun violence. California has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Yet, gun violence is highest in California. In California, you will go to jail with a felony if you are caught with a unregistered gun. Getting a gun in California is a huge pain in the butt, which is one of the reasons California is #42 in gun ownership in the US. Yet it leads the nation in gun related crime. Some things simply don't add up.

This is because its very easy to obtain a gun illegally simply by driving them across borders.

Most deaths are caused by inner city violence, and most of the perps and victims already have a criminal record. I would bet a large proportion of guns used in murders in LA are stolen or illegally owned.

When guns are easily available elsewhere, a criminal won't have any problems obtaining one. Unless all cars and trucks are routinely searched on the state line, how can you realistically prevent it?

Though this seems to be outwardly the case, I couldn't think of a gun shop that would sell to out of state gang-banger looking people just to make a few bucks.  Something else is going on there.  Getting a dealers license isn't easy.  Yet every newly made gang member somehow gets his hands on a gun, I am reasonably certain they didn't get in a car and drive 5 to 10 hours in their hoopty mobile to simply buy a gun or two, the risks of getting caught are huge nevermind the fact that this would be a several huge felonies.  There is obviously a large network of criminals involved in funneling guns where they need to go.

It is very unlikely that any new legislation would stem the tide of violence from criminals.  It will however, make it much more difficult for law abiding citizens to purchase firearms.  It will also be these citizens that will end up in jail for gun violations of various kinds.  The only thing that I am very sure of is that new gun legislation will be, yet again, just another tax.  Much the same way gun rules in California are an additional tax both on manufacturers and citizens.

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