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Re: Wireless tethered triggering and upload

amtberg wrote:

plevyadophy wrote:

Ah my friend, that's where you and I differ.

If you are shooting a lot, let's say you've got something like 500 shots or so, it's much faster to have the images uploading to your computer as you take them rather than having to wait for them to all upload at the end of a shoot. Furthermore, if you are getting your shots uploaded as they are taken, you have the opportunity to view the images on a much bigger and better screen as the shoot progresses and that way you can make adjustments mid shoot more easily than you could if you were uploading at the end of the day.

Even for landscape shooters, or other outdoor shooters (e.g.journalists), it's nice to know that you are getting backups instantly rather than having to wait until you get back to base. And of course there is that curse of mankind, violent crime; having your precious images backed up to say your smartphone is reasurring in the event of a mugging or theft.

Okay, I can see how that could be useful for you. Not something I'll be using, though.

It would REALLY be useful if we had live control while shooting video. That would eliminate camera shake and noise while manually changing AF points and adjusting shutter speed, and would allow use of those controls when the camera was pole mounted or otherwise hard to reach. I hope they can swing that in a firmware/app update but I have a feeling it will have to wait for the GH4 or beyond.

I am not a video guy. I am still holding out, refusing to join the modern world (whilst repairing my mud hut)

But yeah, that would be cool. So you're saying that there is no streaming of video by way of remote WiFi control? Maybe it's a bandwidth issue?

Right, basically all you can do with video is hit the go button.

GPS tagging is nice, but it's clumsily implemented -- to be generous. Hopefully that can be improved as well.

Now, please tell me how this geotagging works? Does the GH3 also have a built-in gps device? If not, then I guess it's using the same trick for geotagging that Eye-Fi employs (taking readings from nearby WiFi access points)?

And why do you say, it's clumsily implemented? What's wrong with it?

The camera gets the GPS coords from the camera or tablet's receiver. It's awkward because you have to turn on wifi on the camera, connect the device to the wifi, go into a menu in the Lumix app, send the gps coordinates, then go into the camera's menu and select the gps coords which will then be written to the images, and it only writes the coordinates to images that have already been recorded. Doesn't sound that bad, perhaps, but it's a hassle in practice.

Wow!! That GPS workflow seems mad.

Perhaps Panny will learn from Eye-Fi, and produce and update that automates the whole thing.

But I guess, it's all great that we can whine about such things because not long ago such features would have been nothing more than a dream.

Thanks for filling in the blanks in my knowedge on the GH3.



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