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Re: Teach me something - C&C please

Cloudy weather can be very good to shoot portraits in as the light is very soft without the harsh shadows the sun produces.

What I like about it is the tones you've made in this shot. You did a good pp job on it. I also like that the photo was taken like a candid shot.

What bothers me slightly is the hidden limbs that makes it hard to find out how she's posing. The hair over her arm and the close proximity of the hand to the camera makes it disproportionately large. That fact the the leg on the ground is towards the camera hiding the top of the leg from view makes for an uncomfortable pose to look at (in my opinion). I would've shifted my angle to the right so that both legs are fully in view, allowing a better look at her face too probably, and the hand would be farther from the camera making it proportional again.

I'd darken the top left corner a bit, it is a bit distracting. The branches near the foot is a bit distracting as well. If you have a photo editor you might want to try cloning it out.

Her face is slightly out of focus and a bit too dark, might want to brighten it a bit. If the hand was the main focus it should've been fully in the frame, maybe shooting wide open at 50mm, backing off slightly to re-frame it. This will blur the rest more putting the focus on the hand if that was the intention. Otherwise usually you'd want to have the face in focus. Since the hair is in the way I'd choose a focus target on the same focal plane as the face like her left hand (viewers right). But if you shifted the angle that wouldn't have worked of course.

Overall good effort, try to focus on composition a bit and where you focus.

Keep shooting!

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