Do Nissin and Yongnuo flash guns work in CLS mode?

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Re: Do Nissin and Yongnuo flash guns work in CLS mode?

hwg wrote:

i have found my flash manual and the extra book that came with it so some bedtime reading for me.

i will look at the triggers you use and see if i can get them here in the uk.

if i could use my pop up flash as the controller, my sb800 as the main light and a nissin as the fill light and another nissin as a hair light from behind all triggerd from the d300 then that would be perfect.

especilly if the iTTL will take care of the expose from all the flash units for me.

when i use the flash units in manual mode i guess i only need the flash units to trigger at the right time from the pop up and to have an easily accessible way of adjusting the power of each indiviidual unit.

When using your 800 and/or the 866 as remotes and your pop-up as the master in AWL, you can also control the manual  flash levels/settings of all your remotes from the camera menu. This is the beauty of AWL.

i guess the nikon units are perect but very expensive.

The Nissin are the equal of the SB800 (in fact slightly more powerful than the 900) and feature-wise, they offer more and easier operation and at a much lower cost.

Regards, Jim


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