Death Valley

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Re: Death Valley

Welcome to DPR and thank you for sharing your photos of Death Valley!!

The first photo is basically a 'snaphot' as you simply centered the water fall in the photo. Try framing the subject of your photo using the rule of thirds. Keep in mind though that rules are meant to be broken. Not in this case though. I did like finding 5 different faces within this photo all in the rocks. Did you see them?  Makes the photo interesting so in that regard, good job.

I like the 2nd photo (the sand dune) but I think had you panned to the right it would be much better.

In the 3rd photo throwing the foreground out of focus does not work. You shot this photo with the lens wide open f/1.2    Besides throwing the foreground oof you also ended up with softness at infinity.  The 85L f/1.2 is a fantastic lens and definitely has its advantages at f/1.2 but again, landscape (at f/1.2) is generally not one of them.

I like the composition in the last photo but it definitely needs a levels or curves adjustment and a boost in saturation. Probably some sharpening as well?

BTW, you have a helluva nice camera and lens for a beginner!!  Do you shoot in RAW and do you post-process?

Again, welcome to DPR and thanks for sharing.



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