RX100: Slow shutter speed without tripod - techniques and settings

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Re: RX100: Slow shutter speed without tripod - techniques and settings

Heliconius wrote:

In most cases, I find out all that matters for me is to get a sharp result.

Underexposed images can be corrected in post process to a surprisingly large extent (same is not true for overexposed ones !).

So I deliberately underexpose several stops If I'm about to take a lot of pictures in a limited time (like a dark museum/exhibition) .

That's an interesting point - although 'several stops' does sound a bit much.

So what you are saying is rather that take a 1/15 sec shot well exposed and risk blur, you would underexpose it by 1 or 2 stops so you could take the photo at 1/30 or 1/60 sec, then recover in post production? (Presumably you will be using RAW).

If it's a single important shot, I take many shots with iso bracketing, exposure bracketing, etc.

Bracketing also has the similar effect as continous shooting tip above, since you hold the shutter during several shots.

Isn't bracketing in the RX100 limited to +/-0.7EV though? Isn't this a bit limiting?

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