Have you converted anyone to the EM-5?

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Re: Have you converted anyone to the EM-5?

Hey Ryan, I mean no ill will, it was purely a joke.  I know full well (as most people do on this forum) where you stand on the Panny vs Oly debate .. no need to go down that path again.  I think you'd be the LAST person on earth anyone could ever 'convert' to the EM-5.

In this case, I was influenced by a colleague of mine (owner of an older Canon Rebel, 7D, 5DM3 as well as Panny GX1 and GF5 -- yes, he's got bad G.A.S.) who was completely inspired by the OM-D.

I think both are excellent choices, the future is certainly bright for m4/3.  As someone coming from Canon APS-C for years, I think the OM-D EM-5 is an excellent little camera and it makes me happy to hold it, and more importantly, shoot with it.  I love the IQ, form-factor, the 5-axis IBIS, low-light capability  etc..  The compliment of Panny and Oly lenses one can chose from -- what's there NOT to like?  So bloody refreshing!


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