Secrets of the Foveon look

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Re: This confirms it

Lin Evans wrote:

forpetessake wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

If anyone would like to read more precise reasons for "Foveon Quality" I've put some papers up on my site:

Foveon Papers

There, you can read the in-depth poop about Foveon sharpness, color aliasing, and more.

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Foveon F7X3-C9110 in a SD10 or two, Lumix DMC-G1

...Foveon has gone from 4.6 megapixels to 15 megapixels in a single iteration. How many other manufacturers have tripled the pixel count in a single jump? ...

Didn't Nikon just do that with the D800 vs D700 (36 vs 12 MP)?

I know the SD1 was originally listed for $6,700; what price was the SD15 launched at?

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