RX100: Slow shutter speed without tripod - techniques and settings

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Re: RX100: Slow shutter speed without tripod - techniques and settings

Keith Lommel wrote:

I just got an RX100 and took it out for an evening stroll and some test shots yesterday evening. At one point, I forgot that I had taken the camera off of auto ISO and left it at ISO 200, so I had a string of fairly low-light evening sky-glow photos with less than ideal shutter speeds. Camera shake is a little difficult to judge in this sort of photo because the lights tend to bloom a bit even if the camera is rock steady, so it's difficult to distinguish between lights that are fuzzy due to bloom and those that are fuzzy due to camera shake. But I found that I was getting acceptable to good results at roughly 1/13s and above when shooting at 28mm equivalent focal length, which did not improve appreciably when I reset the ISO and started shooting at faster shutter speeds. But shots at 1/8s were not usable. So yeah, in my case, maybe the IS is good for one stop beyond the 1/focal length rule.
My technique with LCD framing is generally to hold the camera with both hands, tuck in the elbows, and hold my breath.

I stumbled onto the same technique too - elbows locked into my ribcage and holding my breath.  (I would now add to this Continuous Shooting to take several shots and then pick the best. The first shots will tend to be more affected my the motion of pressing the shutter button.)

This way I was able to get sharp 1/15 sec shots - but still nothing like the sharp 1/4 sec shots on the S95 posted by Dule.

It's probably fair to say the Canon IS is up to 2 stops better than the Sony RX100. This may mean in such circumstances a Canon G15 would serve you better. But I still think you're much better off with the RX100, because as soon as you have moving subjects and need a higher shutter speed then it really come into its own.

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