Could be old news but I just found out that Andy Rouse

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Re: Could be old news but I just found out that Andy Rouse

phoman wrote:

gl2k wrote:

phoman wrote:

switched from Nikon to Canon, I went through his blog all the way back to when the D4 became available....anyways very interesting read and his photos from Canon are simply amazing.

It's people like you that are the darlings of Canikon. By jumping back and forth between the two you spend a lot of money at both of them.

Thanks for support. See you back in 3 years when something goes wrong on the Canon side.

I did not say I am switching brands too much $$$ Nikon investment but if Canon were to come along to substitute all my Nikon stuff with theirs.....well I do not see that happening in my life time

BTW my D800 is still with Nikon for repair and it has been over 2 months already.....what an awesome customer services....go Nikon!!

Two months ? are you serious ?

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