Some D600 + 24-70 f2.8 pictures. Is that IQ expected?

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Ease up, people!

Peter Damroth wrote:

John Motts wrote:

amazona wrote:

To be honest, You should give your equipment to someone, who know how to take photos. Let buy yourself a 20$ camera, and start a photo education from the beginning.

You can't test enything, because you can't use your photo equipment.

I can't believe the bloody rudeness on this thread.

A guy comes along asking for a bit of advice and a pack of amateur know-it-alls just rip him apart because it makes them feel big and important.

To the OP - yes you have some way to go, but at at least you asked for some advice. It takes time to learn, but stick at it. These pictures are nowhere near as bad as made out on this thread.



Amazona, you come off as a git. Get down off your high horse and don't act so hostile and sanctimonious.

Everybody has to start somewhere in the learning process. For you, I would focus on social skills.

The OP clearly has some things to learn about getting the most out of his gear, but based on this thread I'd rather work with him than with you.

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