Macro with the MP-E 65mm

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Re: Macro with the MP-E 65mm

Gautam Majumdar wrote:

It's a great lens but has a steep learning curve. The nominal aperture on the lens is rather misleading. The maximum aperture (minimum F stop) at 1:1 is actually 5.6 rather than 2.8. With increasing magnification the effective F stop goes up even if you leave it at the same. Thus at 5x magnification F16 is actually F96. Thus diffraction is a problem at higher magnifications. In controlled condition it is not a problem as you can either increase the exposure time or use a flash. In the field a flash is essential to get enough exposure. If you are going to use it hand held, I would suggest to keep the magnification between 1 & 3x initially to get a hang of the lens before going to higher magnifications.

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Thanks for the info on the f stop.

Not likely to be used hand held but I would expect the steep learning curve. I have enough problems with the setup I have. There may be an issue with the flash as all my gear is Nikon but it would be possible to use my SB-700 in SU4 mode. Something more to think about.

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