Best lenses for Japan/South Korea

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Re: Best lenses for Japan/South Korea

In a big busy place, a wide angle can be useful too you know ... ie car traffic buildings in the back etc ... yeah after a thought i think unless you have really specific things in mind or that you like to work really slow like me (me who's also thinking about film medium format, I always carry a tripod with me overseas LOL). Maybe get a med 2.8 zoom like that Tamron and take your 70-200 so you get the bokeh. The two lenses should be different enough that you minimise lens swappings. Like if you are doing street candid, you may wanna use the tele. If you inside you may wanna swap to the med zoom.

To get the weight/size down you could swap the 70-200/2.8 for a fixed 180/2.8 but then you are gonna be replacing both lenses.  May not then .. and a zoom provide you a bit of flexibility.

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