Are in-lens leaf shutters the answer?

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Re: Are in-lens leaf shutters the answer?

Mark B UK wrote:

I don't understand why mirrorless cameras have shutters at all. Look at it this way:

Switch camera on. Sensor is uncovered, it feeds data to the EVF/LCD. Photographer presses 'shutter' button. The feed from the sensor for the next fraction of a second is downloaded to a memory card instead of being simply replaced by a refreshed image in the EVF/LCD.

Optionally, a cache could be added, meaning that the feeds for a defined period before and after the button is pressed are also saved, in case (for instance) the subject blinks at the wrong time.

In a further development, a shutter-like blind could be added that would automatically close when the camera is switched off or the lens release button pressed, to protect the sensor from dust or damage.

Exactly my thoughts as well; shutterless cameras.  It's probably only a matter of time before they can reduce the reaction time between turning off the photosite, dumping off the charge, then recharging to capture an image.  I'm sure my wording is way out of the ballpark, but the concept seems achievable to me.  I imagine a day when they will achieve ridiculous dynamic range by selectively varying the sensitivity of specific photosites based on the intensity of light falling on them.

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