These forums now crash IE8 whenever I type....

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Re: It's crashed Safari a couple of times...

InTheMist wrote:

Olga Johnson wrote:

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

Only site I've visited that crashes safari on my iPad 3.

Not at all easy to work, either. Half the time, I don't get a cursor, and have to sort of guess where I'm typing, like right now.

Sorry tosee you go, Baz.

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Rahon Klavanian 1912-2008. Armenian genocide survivor, amazing cook, scrabble master, and loving grandmother. You will be missed. Ciao! Joseph

I often lost the cursor in Safari on iPad 2 even before the recent changes.

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This forum is horrible on my iPad. Cursors missing, text input doesn't work right and frequent crashes. I'm basically not hanging out here any more, it's so bad.

iPad 4, all the updates, freshly started.

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/Ridicule is not C&C nor is it being helpful nor "stating your opinion"

This forum has works fine. Someone comes out with a new product "all the updates" and it does not work properly on your device. How hard is it to understand that the iPad is not working and this forum is just fine?

If your car is working and you get some new fangled fuel that makes it stop running, do you throw away your car and keep buying more new fangled fuel?

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