How to fix sky to panos (Please play around)

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Re: How to fix sky to panos (Please play around)

If you have an earlier version of Photoshop without content aware fill, you may try this method:

1. Duplicate the background layer twice (Layer 1 and Layer 1 Copy)

2. On Layer 1 Copy, select the area of missing sky

3. Erase the selected area, remove the selection

4. Select Layer 1 and with the Move Tool, slide it up to fill the erased area

5. Merge Layer 1 and Layer 1 Copy; select the remaining Layer 1 Copy

6. Select the Healing Brush Tool, set diameter a bit larger than the height of mismatched color

7. Position the Healing Brush Tool at the extreme edge and slightly below the newly filled area, Alt-click to define a source point, the move the Tool into the newly filled area, slide along to heal the slight color difference.

8. Depending on location of clouds, you may need to do some Clone Tool touch-up.

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