recommend USB 3 PCI card for Mac Pro (it's not built in in this model)

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for williamio

Fantastic, just the info I was looking for, many thanks!

I'd heard that the LaCie card was limited to LaCie products (way to drive away customers, LaCie!) but I hadn't heard that the Sonnet card wasn't supporting the Lexar readers well (I've mostly only had Amazon reviews to go on, and a few old discussions on a few Apple-specific fora). Caldigit it is then

Thanks again!


williamio wrote:

I have been trying at least 3 major brand USB3 cards, here is my input

1. Lacie USB3 card - it can only support their own Lacie device, cannot recognize any non-Lacie devices. There is a way to hack it but not worthy to give it a try because their USB3 driver is not very well made to support other different U3 devices.

2. Sonnet USB3 card. The same driver from Lacie (or same group of people developed for both companies). Thus, whatever problem Lacie's driver has, sonnet' driver has too, plus their USB3 cannot support more than 2TB unit from my test and their software response time is very slot, for example, took them 4 months to support Mt. Lion and still buggy. Doesn't work with Lexar card reader well.

3. Caldigit USB3 card. The best card out of 3. Software driver is very stable and Lexar highly recommend their card. The card I am using is their FASTA-6GU3 card which has USB3 and eSATA 6G combine in one card so you can save one pcie slot (what a slot saver ). This combo card is a little bit more expansive than Lacie and sonnet card but again it's a combination of SATA 6G and USB3. you can obtain this card directly from cal digit online website

overall, i only suggest cal digit's card because of the stability.

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