X-e1 - doubt about sharpness

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Re: X-e1 - doubt about sharpness

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im amazed we still get posts like these - I have owned many systems (Canon, Nikon, NEX7). You will not find a better image regardless of what you are looking for than the Fuji & it's superb glass, for APS-C, period. Lets throw 95% of Full frame systems in to that for good measure.

Id suggest getting a new monitor or popping down to your local opticians if you seriously think you won't get a sharp image out of the XE-1

Just have a look at the studio scene comparator...

You can send me pretty pictures, but you don't know the resuts another camera would give. I have a doubt with landscape pictures (the trees, leaves don't seem so sharp)

if you plan on shooting landscapes then forget about the X-E1, the soft paint effect is evident in trees and foliage even with OOC Jpegs, if you want a small mirrorless system the NEX-6 is much better for landscape work.

The X-E1 is a great camera capable of producing tac sharp images just not if trees and foliage in are the frame.

I beg to differ and very much so.

I have shot plenty of foliage and I don't see the 'paint effect' in ooc JPEGs. I generally shoot neutral JPEGs, so it could be the overly enthusiastic film simulations with ramped up parameters that could result in artifacts under some circumstances. But I haven't seen them.

Here is an example. Perhaps you can point out any 'paint effect' if there is any.

X-E1, ooc, neutral, everything -2

In comparison, here is the same scene shot with a D7000

D7000, ooc

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