Fuji x20 v Sony rx100

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Re: RX100 image "pop" vs flat imgaes..

evoprox wrote:

JhvaElohimMeth wrote:

I think the main reason that will bring me to buy rx100 is the 3d feel of its images. Something I don't see in Canon G1X or Fuji X10. And the first samples of X20, according to me, show the same "flatness".

Ahhhh, 3d 'feel'/pop/... one of my favorite topics

To make it short, your hardware is only a part of that ticket into the world of 3d-illusion, ask any experienced painter, most likely he/she might have never heard anything about MTF charts. A lot of other factors come into play here, one of the keys being 'aerial perspective', and so on.

Before I lose to many words, may I suggest a blind test ? No big deal, but sh..loads of semi-enlightening AHA moments

Handling is surely better on Fuji's.

A darn lot.

But for me the best IQ is the first thing to value.

Max aperture on RX100 is a little disappointing on tele, I know, but Sony decided to squeeze a versatile zoom in a pocket sized camera. And that's nice.

If someone want a bigger compact camera, according to me, should wait for Canon G2 X. It sould be as pricey as Fuji X20 but with an almost aps-c sensor. I see a huge difference between X10 IQ and G1 X IQ... The camera size instead, isn't that big...

Can't wait to see the G2X myself, hopefully with a useable viewfinder (vs. peephole) and somewhat quicker AF, preferably sensor based PDAF. A faster lens, esp. at the long end wouldn't be too bad either.

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I'm not a beginner and noone want to read your manual-bullshits beginner tips.

I saw many picuters, jpg's OOC, edited RAW and so on. ACCORDING TO ME (if you do not agree I don't give a s..t) RX100 is superior, full stop. Midtones are far better (just compare low iso night shots to see dark areas of x10 how inferior are). And I don't care about pixel peeping.

Maybe X20 with the final firmware would be better, but FOR NOW, according to me, it's still inferior

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