Some D600 + 24-70 f2.8 pictures. Is that IQ expected?

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Re: Some D600 + 24-70 f2.8 pictures. Is that IQ expected?

ormdig wrote:

How can you "test" the lens using these ridiculous settings? It's as if you are purposely setting the combo up to fail. I highly suspect your motives here. If you were trying to test the lens/camera combo you would set the exposure to optimal settings, not as you say, pay no attention to them. It's a testament to the camera that the images look as good as they do despite your obvious attempt to sabotage them. If you are truthfully interested in the quality of your equipment then use it in a manner that allows it to produce quality images.

Wint, I made this unfortunate post after reading your other thread in which your statements seemed to invite provocaton rather than discourse and then your statement that you were interested only in IQ regardless of settings. I made the assumption that you knew better and came to the conclusion that you were again attempting provocation instead of asking an honest question. Whether I am right or wrong makes no difference, I had and have no proof of this and therefore had no right to answer in the manner in which I did. Please accept my apologies for the tone of my post.

The settings that you use will impact IQ at it's most basic level. Exposure is everything in trying to test your camera/lens combination. Good light, the lowest ISO possible, the correct shutter speed for whatever aperature you test at and supporting your camera as best you can will give a good idea what your equipment is capable of in everyday use. Pair your focus settings with what you are attempting to shoot. The one thing I did get right in my previous post is that it is a testament to the quality of your camera that the images look as good as they do with the settings you used.

You may just be worrying too much about "what ifs". Just go out and shoot, shoot, shoot. Enjoy it. Again, my heartfelt apology, Pete

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