Anyone considered a move to mirrorless only?

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Re: Anyone considered a move to mirrorless only?

Ray, I shoot a D300 and an A mount and a Canon system. I also came to a point of decision making when I realized that it was slyly creeping in that I was leaving the cameras behind more and more. Soooo, I decided it was time to look around for an addition or even an alternative system. m4/3 came up immediately, but I wanted to just dip my toes in first (read: inexpensively) and when I found someone on the dpr buy/sell list that had a nice leather covered GF-1 with lenses that he wanted to trade for any dslr, I traded my wife's Nikon 40D.

The GF-1 immediately brought me back to my earlier days with my Minolta A1/A2 cameras. It is just as jewel-like in its design and operation as those Ax cameras were (in their time).  I am impressed with its incredible adjustment range and when I found the electronic eye-level finder (Hate holding a camera out at arms length) for just $50 on Craigslist locally, I was off and running with the GF-1. This was a couple of years ago and the running has since slowed down a bit for me and the GF-1. Not that it has not lived up to what I wanted in a smaller form factor, but I find I am not going to it as much as I used to. I envisioned using it as my "in-car" and take along camera of choice due to its speed of operation and size. I did so for a few months, but ended up with a P&S back in the glove box instead. The P&S has much deeper dof and when shooting in quick situations and from the car, that dof is much appreciated. I use an older P&S, the Canon A650IS and use CHDSK on it and shoot raw files. The swivel/tilt screen has me spoiled too! It has image stabilization (the GF-1 does not) and a 35-210 lens. It does all I want and more when using it as my in-car/tag-along camera. The file noise is not as good the GF-1 and it is slower than the GF-1 too, but it is just right for my carry along usage.

Finally, the only nitpick I have with the GF-1 is the shutter noise. Yep, I am pretty deaf and yet the focal plane shutter is still too loud even tho there is no mirror flopping about. The GF-1 is certain to become one of those admired and talked about cult cameras and I can see why, but I just am having trouble getting past that dratted cheap sounding shutter "clack". Pretty small reason to let the luster fade on an otherwise great and jewel-like camera, but there it sits just waiting to be picked up and used. Lately, I have been thinking maybe I'll make it a week with the GF-1 only, and see if I can settle back into its svelte way of shooting. Maybe that's all it will take, eh?

Regards, Jim

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