Does one software program, or another, work better with Canon images

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Actually answering the question.

Are files different from camera to camera? Yes and no.

Your camera creates both JPEG files and RAW files.

You can set the camera so it saves JPEG files (JPG is the same), or so it saves RAW files, or so it saves both kinds at the same time.

Most cameras, regardless or brand and regardless of model within the brand,  create JPEG files that are the same from camera to camera, other than their "size." And the size doesn't really matter. So the software that is not camera-specific works fine for JPEG.

Canon calls its RAW files CR2. Nikon calls then NEF. Other manufacturers have other names for RAW.

Most good quality editing software (Over $75) can edit many different versions of RAW, uncluding CR2, NEF and others.

THE BAD NEWS, maybe, is that newer versions of CR2 or NEF, etc., may require updates to the editing software. So if you have editing software that's a couple of years old, it is likely to work fine on JPEG files from your new camera and not work on CR2 files from your new 6D.

Depending on the software company, and depending on how old the software may be, you may or may not be able to get a free update to make RAW / CR2 files work.

Bottom line; software from companies other than the camera makers will work on files from multiple manufacturers, but you'll need new versions of the software.

Are there different results from different software from different coameras. Yes and no.

There are two kinds of "different." Different in the sense of that Nikon green looks a tiny bit more yellowish that that Canon green. Real nit pickers may see a difference, no one buyt you would know if it matters, and the software probably lets you add or remove a tiny bit of yellow anyway. Different in this seense may be so miniscule it does not matter.

The second "different" is task related. Some software lets you add lettering over top of your photo, and other software does not. Some software lets you remove red eye with one click. Some software lets you cover up the coffee cup on the lawn in the background  and other software doesn't. But the coffee-cup hiding software will cover that coffee cup if it was photographed with a Nikon or Canon or Sony, etc.

And some software will let you prepare files for CMYK printing presses and other software will not.

... produce better results than another, when working with Canon files? Define better

It's highly unlikely that any good software company's products result in "better" pictures. Just different, and that different is tiny, except for the "tasks" kind of different.

My software? Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe Premiere CS6

Adobe Photopshop Elements is a wonderful product, and you can download a full 30 day trial version for free. It is fully functional, and any files you edit with it can be saved, used, used in the futre, etc.

So you can try it.

Editing software in 2013 is very, very complicated. Adobe Photoshop Elements and Photoshop CS6 are both popular enough that there are lots of books to help people use the products.

I reacted above to some nonsense about "full" Photoshop. Photoshop CS6, for four or five times the price of Elements, does not be anything Elements does not do, that matters to an amateur photographer who is not producing printed prochures on CMYK presses. i.e. real magazines, etc. And Photoshop CS6 has some features for illustrators.


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