my love-hate relationship with the RX1

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Re: my love relationship with the RX1

Hughesnet wrote:

On the first two shots the focus is behind the subject, it isn't that it blurred. the others may be DOF issues. Hard to tell where the focus is with the subjects.

The issue was not blurred images, it was missed focus or poor AF capabilities. Focusing behind a subject when the subject is pretty big and isolated in the center of the frame is problematic any way I looked at it. DOF issues are one thing when the focus is on the tip of the nose or some hair sticking out, I get that. But when the face is out of focus and the focus appears to be at the back of a head for a largely stationary subject is not a DoF issue; it's a missed focus because it's setting the focus on something that it cannot even focus since it's on the back of the object that it can focus on (e.g., girl in black shirt above). Could I have snapped the shutter too quickly? Perhaps, but I did wait for focus confirmation (though, not the sound since that was off) and this is how I have used my NEX 5N and Nikon D70 before that. I doubt the camera I used for 2 months had a back focusing issue because I have many shots that it nailed. I think AF is just lacking for the kinds of shots I shoot most often (e.g., people), but it's really good for more stationary shots. Give me food or objects and I was extremely pleased with my RX1. Blown away even. And, I have plenty of people shots that it nailed, don't get me wrong. I just didn't have the keeper rate that I expected. I wonder if I even had the same keeper rate I get with my NEX 5N and Zeiss 24??? I am slowly analyzing this data right now.

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