Do Nissin and Yongnuo flash guns work in CLS mode?

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Re: Do Nissin and Yongnuo flash guns work in CLS mode?

The only function you will not have with the 866 is the ability to use it off camera in HSS mode. It will do HSS while mounted on camera and as a master.

I have had mine for a couple of years (first iteration released) and I use it almost exclusively in AWL with my D300 with great success. I use it on my Canon in Auto (flash) mode (does away with preflash) when I encounter blinkers, with good success as well.

I agree that the 2nd flash tube (fill in) is just too bright and do not use it on my Nikon version, but use the built-in fill card instead for better results. On the Nikon vers. of the 866 the fill flash can only be turned down to 1/4 power, but the Canon version of the 866 goes down to either 1/32 or 1/64.

Like an earlier poster mentioned, the ability to swivel/bounce the head on the 866 without having to unlock the head first via a lock button, cannot be overstated! What a joy to use it in a fast moving scenario and just pop the head in whatever direction I need without searching for the lock button and then, when needing to move the head again, just move it w/o having to unlock it first. Priceless for me! I also find the 2 mode built-in slave to be very sensitive too. One mode fires the 866 when it sees a flash burst, while the 2nd slave mode ignores any pre-flash and will fire the 866 only on the main flash that follows any preflash.

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Patco wrote:

sillyconguru wrote:

You mean Advanced Wireless Lighting (AWL). CLS isn't AWL, AWL is part of CLS.

Yes, many people seem to think "CLS" and "wireless" are interchangeable terms, which is not correct. For example, the D5100 and the SB-400 both support CLS, but neither has built-in wireless capability.

A quick check at Nissin's site, , shows this about the Di866:

"The best solution for off camera flash technique
The Di866 Wireless TTL system support Canon E -TTL/ E-TTL II and Nikon i-TTL. Di866 can be used jointly with Canon and Nikon original flash as either Master and Remote (Slave)."

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