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I am like you. I like quality. I have a D800 with top notch lenses and shoot in RAW to try and get every bit I can out of an image. I was looking for some camera I can have as a carry everywhere thing. I have a Samsung WB600 for that but quality is ehhh, hit and miss. I liked the zoom which did allow me to get pictures I just couldn't otherwise but was a big compromise in picture quality yet I have it in my coat pocket as I write this as no camera I would miss any shot I could at least get if I have one. A for instance is driving to a client one day there was fog and some horses in a field (here is one shot).

I was able to stop and grab the shot instead of passing it by and wishing I had the camera with me. Could it have been better if I had my D800? Yes but still I got a picture instead of just having the picture in my mind. Now I wanted something better. Was looking at the G15, S110, panny etc. I ended up with the SX50. Mostly my decision was made by looking at the posts here, seeing the real results of what the camera can do and not from the reviews. The reviews are good to know some of the pros and cons but I still trust real peoples actual photos. Plenty of good ones here.

The picture quality is good, better than they have in the test photos in their review here on DPR (and a lot better than my WB600). The RAW files are good to work with and although they don't have the same degree of forgiveness as the D800 there is a lot you can do with them. Everyone seems happy with the jpegs as well. The camera has a lot of capabilities and is fun to use. I just finished some tests, bought the cable so I can use my Pocket Wizards to remote trigger the camera or use the camera to remote trigger my flashes (or both). Works great! And then there's the zoom... that wonderful zoom... I would definitely take it on a safari. I know I can't afford the 88,000.00 for the 1200mm Canon lens and wouldn't want to carry it and set it up if I could (and wouldn't work well on my Nikon ).

So my opinion if you haven't yet figured it out is get the SX50 and if you want to bring both that is fine but if only 1, I'd take the SX50.

If you want to see any sample photos I put up a couple on my photo site here
This was just a few test pics to see what the camera can do and I am happy with it.
Here are a couple...

One of my little girls sleeping, taken using built in flash

The Full Moon Saturday Night (a crop)

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