Need advice on a cheap upgrade for a D100

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Re: Need advice on a cheap upgrade for a D100

Joshua123 wrote:

Recently purchased a D300. Upgrade from my D50. Have never looked back. My D50 still takes lovely pictures. I, also looked at several options, the D600, D7000, but decided upon the D300. I am a happy camper (photographer).


That's awesome to hear, I'm always happy when I hear about people making informed decisions based on their needs and not on "the latest and greatest". I also have a D2x, which together with the D300 brings me some decent pocket money.

Would my job get any easier* if I had, say, a D600 and 4 great FX lenses? Perhaps a bit. But the difference would certainly not qualify the huge price penalty.

*notice, I said job getting ‚Äčeasier, I didn't say my photos getting any better. This is what many people don't seem to realize. Once you reach a certain threshold of functionality, any upgrade is only about making some minor improvements in secondary things. If a D300, three flashes, and a 50mm f/1.8 can't give me the shots I want, a D600 and an 85mm f/1.4 won't either...

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