Spots on DP2m sensor.

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Re: Spots on DP2m sensor.

petr marek wrote:

Johan Borg wrote:

Yes, mine had a tiny bit from the factory. Keeping the aperture in the sweet spot f/2.8-8.0 hides it most of the time. No big deal for me at least..

Unbelievable, Sigmas customers are so generous, they have to reconcile to so many limitations, failures and obstructions taking photos and developing it... I think interchangeable mount would be a great solution of this Sigmas deficiency - you could at least clean the dust off the sensor... And you don´t need to buy three DP cameras for versatility, only three lenses... :))

Sigma sucks so hard...

No it doesn't. One can send in the camera and get it fixed. No problem. I got this on my DP1M and I reported it and was told to send it in so they could fix it. I have waited to do it though as 1) I wanted to use the camera 2) I wanted to see if more dust would come on the sensor.

It does not seems that that has happened, so that is good.So I'll send in the camera now to get it sorted as the DP1M will be used for landscape.

The Nikon D600 has terrible dust problems. D7000 had oil problems.... Dust can happen to all cameras and manufacturers.

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