FZ200 in a snow storm

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Re: FZ200 in a snow storm

Mr Rules,

I've become fascinated by the image stacking procedure.  I understand that you began it as a technique for reducing noise in situations where noise is hard to avoid and also intrusive, such as astro-photography.  However, your snowstorm pic got me thinking of the possibilities for capturing scenes in which the immovable  remains contant through time whilst the moving elements, well, move - as with the snow in your snowstorm pic.

I like the idea of capturing this mixture of an unchanging backdrop containing time-changed elements.  Falling snow and perhaps rain; wind-moved foliage; people moving in a street; and so forth.  Perhaps different time intervals, and different stacking orders, will create some interesting effects?

I rarely like those long shutter-speed pics of flossy waterfalls or smudged-looking shorelines.  But your snow pic got me thinking that, with the right time interval between shots, any moving elements would not so much be blurred as distinct-but-repeated to show something of their behaviour through time.

Reading your past posts about stacking gives me some basics but I have a few questions that I'm hoping you will be able & willing to answer.

  • Do you take such images with little or no movement - via a tripod but perhaps just a burst-set holding the camera steady with the aid of a wall, post or similar?  When you stack the images as layers in Photoshop, how near-aligned must they be for Photoshop to perfect their alignment?
  • Does the stacking process work in CS5 as well as CS6?  I notice CS6 has some new stacking functionality that was only available in the extended version of CS5; but I have only the basic version of CS5.

I presume that you are not varying the exposure in any way when creating the images for stacking (i.e. the technique is for NR rather than for extending the dynamic range)?

Thanking you in anticipation of any advice you can give.


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