How many would choose stellar 50mm f/2 IS over a mediocre 50mm f/1.4/1.2?

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Re: Not everyone thinks so.

It works for me:

but, sure, someone else might find it "boring". Now that you mention it, what's an "exciting" focal length? 15mm FE?

agreed. it's all matter of personal preferences.

as for focal lenses I myself consider "nice" (it doesn't really need to be exciting - just usable is perfectly enough) - 24mm with both FF and crop, 35~38mm FF, 135mm crop.

it's the 135mm I miss the most in Canon lineup. I'd love a decent 135/3.5 IS for a pricetag aroung 700 EUR (after the dust settles) and weight/size like the old 135/2.8...

50mm... I've Sigma 50/1.4 which is nice, but the focal length is neither wide enough to me in FF, nor long enough in crop

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