OM-D E-M5 a huge disappointment for me...

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Re: Only issue I have is with the 7.5 fisheye

///M wrote:

Tried the manual setting and still had ibis shake in the frame (the samyang is very sharp and has amazing resolving power if focused well). I also tried setting for my nikkor 55 f/1.2 without much success.

If the Nikkor doesn't work either, there might be something wrong with your camera. You might want to experiment a bit with this to find out. For example if you set the FL incorrectly so that the camera thinks the lens is significantly longer than it actually is, you should see the live-view image become even shakier, not more stable, with IBIS on than with IBIS off.

I have had no difficulty getting IBIS to work right with manual lenses. For reasons already mentioned, I was a bit uncertain how things would work out with the Samyang (the unusual projection) but it is certainly better than nothing in that case too.

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