Sigma launches new ART versions of their 30mm and 19mm f2.8 and new 60mm f2.8 lenses

Started Jan 29, 2013 | Discussions thread
ItsaChris Contributing Member • Posts: 575
60mm MTF!

The 60mm seems like a great lens.  The length is shorter than the 50mm 1.8 from sony (56 mm vs 62mm).  It come in black!  and as it has been pointed out below there is no free lunch with OSS or VR or IS, I have moved from working with the VR on most of the time when I got my 1st VR lens in 2003 (nikon 70-200 vr) to now 95% of the time VR is off.

and it seems no one has even looked at the new 60mm MTF, its excellent! and sigmas site says they test wide open.

Sonys sel 50mm 1.8

There was a lot of negativity about the 19mm and 30mm sigmas and now about the 60mm...  Just kinda sad to see the reaction to what was proven to be decent lens.  Its not like sony has be giving us great lens...

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