D800 vs D600 vs D700

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Re: D800 vs D600 vs D700

First thing I'd recommend is shooting at least 3000-3500 shots, then calling up Nikon, complain about the sensor dust issue and see if they will offer a free cleaning. All the chatter I've heard seems to say that the dust/oil issue goes away after about 3000 shots (but you'll have to get it cleaned to remove what oil/dust built up in that time). Even if you are going to sell it, having it cleaned and in proper working order will get you a better price.

Odds are you probably won't get much happier with the AF system with more use especially if you're used to a more professional system (the D600 is really made to be a consumer camera), but after taking the 3000-3500 shots, reevaluate how you feel. If you still think the AF layout is still a deal breaker, you then have a choice to make.... D700 or D800. It really comes down to what are your priorities... high speed or high resolution. The D800 is pretty good at high ISO. Maybe not as good as the D700 but it holds up partly because if you're downsizing the images for the web or to print 11x14 images, more pixels will be averaged together from the D800 to make one pixel. This will reduce the apparent amount of noise to some extent. So yes... if you look at a 100% crop from a D800 it may look a bit noisier than a D700 or D600, but when it comes to how you'll actually use the images, the difference is negligable.

If you need/want to play with video recording or high resolution for excessive cropping or printing large (bigger than 24x36") prints. Then the D800 has some advantages for you. Just keep in mind those huge files will eat up your hard drive space and can slow down your computer.

If you think you might like to be able to add a battery grip and get 8fps burst speed, or you just want a camera that is $1,000 cheaper, the D700 is for you. You could probably sell/trade your D600 for a D700 with no lost of money. But some people don't like the idea of having a camera who's design is 3 years old, but others say "hey it still works well and takes great photos."

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