my love-hate relationship with the RX1

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Re: my love relationship with the RX1

On the first two shots the focus is behind the subject, it isn't that it blurred. the others may be DOF issues. Hard to tell where the focus is with the subjects.

sean lancaster wrote:

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sean lancaster wrote:

I had an RX1 for 2 months, but I no longer own one. I'd still like to have one, but AF is the one factor that has me trying to figure out whether I should just go with a bigger FF camera and deal with the bulk to get good AF or whether the small form factor of the RX1 is enough to overcome the poor AF capabilities. I am still on the fence, but I am also in no hurry to decide. I want an articulating LCD and the A99 provides that as well as anyone. But the Sigma 35/1.4 isn't out yet and the Zeiss 50 isn't appearing until spring. So, I'll wait. I could still end up deciding on the RX1 as it's a much cheaper option than the A99 with a lens or 2 (RX1 is MUCH CHEAPER). I'd really like to see Sony release a firmware update that addresses AF (e.g., like the X100 AF update). I don't have much hope for that, though. The RX1 image quality seems second to none when I do get AF to work. Hmmm. Hmmm.

Sean you know how many cameras I have had over the past 18 months and always found a fault with them.

yes the RX1 focus is not lightening quick but unless you are using it for focus tracking on fast moving subjects it's more than acceptable. It is quick in good light but I agree it is sluggish in low light.

I guess I disagree that it is acceptable unless a subject is moving fast. I have a plethora of examples demonstrating otherwise.

Subject sitting across the table in decent light. I had elbows on the table for stability.

I stopped him with my RX1 and he smiled. I snapped. Blur. He wasn't moving. Light was low.

She stood still and posed in low light. She didn't smile b/c I told her I was testing AF. I was steady.

Across the table from me (elbows on table for stability). Stationary subject in lower light, but not horrible.

And I just missed on that one, but the just misses are more common and likely a result of the thin plane of focus.

Across table from me in lower light. Stationary subject.

Sure, many of these are lower light, but merely having a bobbling head from someone talking can be enough to move before the AF is set on the RX1. That's been my biggest issue . . . and when it just refuses to focus.

I have hundreds of gorgeous images as well. But I do shoot much in these lighting conditions; thus, my dilemma.

EDIT: I do have some out on the streets as well (ISO 100 - 320), but the subjects were all moving so I attribute that to user error more than camera even though I suspect I would have got the shots if the focus had locked in more quickly.

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