Leica's response to Leaked images

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Re: Leica's response to Leaked images

Daedalus2000 wrote:

Very strange situation... I do not think Dr Rohde would publish something without some sort of permission...

macjonny1 wrote:

Thanks to Mark from Leica users forum, he received a response from Leica about recent leaked images:

Here's a copy:

Apologies for starting another thread on this subject but rather than it getting lost in the existing threads, I thought it's important people see this.
I've been in touch with Stefan Daniel; I told him I thought the existing sample images are poor, are damaging to Leica and I suggested a new approach. I'm pleased to say I've had this helpful reply from him:
Dear Mr. Norton,
Thanks for your message. I agree completely with you. Mr. Rohde acted against our “gentlemen agreement” not to post pictures. However, we will start posting convincing and relevant files of the new M still this week. We are all convinced that the new camera will meet or exceed the expectations of our dear M customers!
Thanks again for your heads up.
Kind regards
Stefan Daniel __________________

True.  Original thread on Leica forum taken down FWIW.  Would be nice to hear from both sides...

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