XZ-10 a game changer?

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Re: There's a few issues though - the size of the sensor and the file types

Ben Herrmann wrote:

Now, if it has RAW, then one must compare it to the likes of the Canon S series. I have the S100 and that baby shines in more ways than one. It would be nice for Oly to have something as small and as capable.

X-10 can beat the S100/110 on equivalent aperture in most of the range ... but that's mostly because the S100/110 has the slowest lens of all the quality compacts ...

Between the two, I would definitely chose the S100/110 because of the bigger sensor and good functionality. All these cameras have very limited DOF control, the small difference is hardly important compared to what you can get with m43 or APS-C/FF DSLR with a good prime lens. I just returned an S110 because I found the images a bit too noisy at low ISO; I'm not even going to think about buying a 2.3"sensor compact...

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