XZ-10 a game changer?

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Re: XZ-10 not game changer

Greynerd wrote:

He did say m43 so I am not sure why you are giving the full frame equivalent apertures.

I'm giving values that can be compared directly between different systems; and using FF equivalent is what DPR also uses, m43 is a small world ...

The m43 equivalents would be more useful.

maybe for people who only use m43 ...

Also you say you can change the lens on m43 but that is very expensive business for a 28 to 115 zoom equvalent fast lens if such a lens is available. The affordable m43 12-50 zoom is pretty slow.

Which m43 lens do you think will match the XZ-10? The kit lens only goes to 84mm equiv so you are going to get the extra isolation from that 130mm at f2.7 with the XZ-10. It is not just aperture that gives subject isolation and bokeh.

Yes, there is no 100% comparablelens available on m43, if we leave out the big guns like Olympus 43 2.8-4.0/12-60mm (FF equivalent 5.6-8.0 24-120mm, definitely better for DOF control than X-10). Mount a $25 1.8/50mm MF lens on m43 (with suitable adapter) and you have many stops of extra DOF control compared to the X-10. Move up from m43 to APS-C and you can have a nice quality 24-135mm equivalent lens with nominal f/3.5-5.6 (FF equiv. aperture f/5.6-f/9, better again than X-10 and similar to the expensive 43 zoom), or lenses with even more reach and a bit lower optical quality.

If people want nice bokeh and selective DOF they should not buy a tiny sensor camera or an m43 with (just) a kit zoom; that is not going to provide significant DOF control in normal situations. With such a camera you can only create 'background blur' in carefully chosen situations.

Again, X-10 is nothing special compared to many other 'quality compacts' that are available, but it DOES have a smaller sensor compared to those. I'm guessing that people who want selective DOF also know how important sensor size is. Those who don't care about the sensor size and just want minimum DOF should probably buy a panny FZ200 with '2.8/25-600mm' lens

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