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In addition to being optimized for CD-AF (i.e. live view focusing with the E-420, E-450, E-520, E-600, E-620, E-30, and E-5, and all Pen/OM-D moldels), there are a few other minor differences:

  • The ring flash (RF-11) will only work with the original 14-54mm mark 1 and 50-200mm mark 1 lenses without an adapter (and with the 35mm/50mm lenses with the TR-1 adapter).
  • The lens hood for the mark 1 is different from the mark 2 version (which is why the ring flash doesn't work on mark 2 lenses, since it attaches via the lens hood mount).  FWIW, after 7+ years, my 14-54mm lens hood keeps coming off, and I use one of those straps for attach lens caps to keep the hood after losing it once.  I have bought 2 screw on lens hoods, and neither are 100% replacements for the 14-54mm lens hood.  At this date, it may be impossible to find replacements for the mark 1 hood.
  • Olympus claims the shutter blades are more rounded in mark 2, so the quality of the out of focus area is different.
  • FWIW, the CD-AF support helps a little, but not all that much.  Particularly, the DSLRs before the E-5 were horrid at live view focusing, even with lenses designed for CD-AF.
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