17-40 L or 24-105L for landscapes

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Re: 17-40 L or 24-105L for landscapes

Maximus68 wrote:

Is there any trick to shooting hand held in low light? At 2.8?

Among two Canon F2.8 zoom and 40/2.8 pancake I bought recently, only 70-200L/2.8 IS II has '4-stop IS' that I can shoot at 200mm at 1/40 virtually everytime and even 1/30 with good success. The other two don't have 'IS' but 5D3 set shutter around or a bit higher 1/<focus_lenght> automatically such as 24-70L/2.8 II at 70mm at 1/80. I usually leave that or slow down a little bit to 1/60. F2.8 is not considered very fast aperture in low light but good news are that all three are still very sharp including at edges at F2.8 wide open.

There are several threads you can find in this forum and in 5D forum regarding prime vs zoom, or Sigma 35/1.4 vs Canon 35/2.0 IS ...Two Canon mark II F2.8 zoom are very sharp, as sharp even not edge out a little bit over L primes, and probably AF faster and more accurately than L prime wide-open. But L primes are still better in bokeh and smoothness of background blur in portraitures for example. But two F2.8 mark II zoom are good enough even for portraiture purposes and are more versatile. L primes under 200mm (except 100L macro) don't have 'IS' either, but some new non-L one stop slower aperture primes have 'IS'. Image stabilization is not important in sports, moving subjects, events, studio or most portraiture photos when strobe flash used.

BTW, thanks for your compliment.

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