Teetering on the brink...

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Re: Teetering on the brink...

Mjankor wrote:

Does your canon have built in CA correction? If not, then why is it a problem?

Because the Panasonic's I have (and the NX100 before them) do (did) have CA correction and it's a useful feature. The OMD is an expensive alternative to, say, the G5, and I really don't like the retro look. I've now got the same IQ from the neater and more modern looking E-PL5 and at a fraction of the price.

Canons - even the expensive 'L' lenses - have had CA problems for as long as I've been working with digital files (almost 20 years now). I first noticed it when I was able to pixel peep when scanning colour negatives. It sometimes shows up in finished work when, say, an image is reproduced full page in a glossy magazine and is highly annoying when it does.

Can't quite understand why Olympus don't include the feature with their cameras...


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