Seattle Fireworks.....

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Please do.....

purpleray wrote:

Ted ( if I may!!!)

Please do!

Having had a quick scan of the thread, I think agree with Bob -

What were you shooting the tower or the fireworks?

Who knows?

I just pointed the camera in the general direction and pushed the button!

  • The tower is dominant in terms of colour and shape in its own right. The fireworks of themselves are hypnotically entrancing with the colour and unpredictable shape and spread.
  • As a result, the fireworks take away from rather than complement the Tower - spoiling your strategy of the rule of thirds.
  • The fireworks have their arms and legs cut off to quote yourself and their hypnotic effect is somewhat spoiled.

The end result is lots of splash - very busy photos that leave the viewer unsatisfied. To quote again, Showing these photos shows no respect for others on the forum.

I must agree on all counts.

Given it is an impossible task to improve your respect for others on the forum,

True, they are a miserable lot.....

Now how to improve your impossibley poor technique.

Yes, let's get started...

Let's be generous first, it is OK to cut off arms and legs as long the subject appears dominant enough to put 'edge of photo' issues where they belong on the periphery. Rules can be broken if you manage the context of the whole photo. I think one of the Time photos of the year has a number of bodies photographically amputated in it.

Sydney Fireworks 2013.

Yes, I can see your point.

Fireworks is an unpredictable event so it is difficult to compose and be prepared for each shot. Still some planning can give you options.

What do you mean?

Though many might not agree, a position further away from the firworks can provide more options.

Kylie Minogue - scene

Ah, yes shoot wide and crop later.

Make sense.

Here, I have taken a wider angle to take advantage of the broader scene and water reflections. I must admit I'm not sure I've chosen the right example here. I must be following in your footsteps here, or keeping up bad habits, Ted.


No, I think it makes your point.

Fire inside

Focusing on the fireworks themselves opens up the wonderful possibilities of the exploding light.

yes, it would have been better to compose for the fireworks and not so much for the Tower?

Ted - all this "very expert knowledge" comes from someone who is a rank amateur with only 2 experiences shooting fireworks!!

Well, we are about even.

I just dont understand how you have allowed yourself to post such (I cant remember your derogatory words) utterly miserable insults to the posters on the forum that you need correction from an ever so humble amateur who has no respect for others in the forum!!!

Sometimes the Student teaches the Master, no?

Erhh... Ted

.... no fun intended ... it's just a great opportunity to post some photos!




Well done.


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