Some D600 + 24-70 f2.8 pictures. Is that IQ expected?

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Re: Some D600 + 24-70 f2.8 pictures. Is that IQ expected?

The lens seems fine, as far as I can tell from these shots. There is plenty of detail and it seems quite sharp. Other comments:

- As others have pointed out, the camera settings are not well chosen for testing. For example, you've shot a couple at f/11, which is too small an aperture for maximum resolution/ sharpness. Something in the f/5.6 - f/8 range would be better. Your f/2.8 shot of the horse seems fine. The overexposure (e. g., in the first shot) prevents being able to judge possible problems such as focus at infinity (in the trees on the horizon) and chromatic aberrations, but since you're using a 24-70, I'm guessing there would be no issues, given that there seem to be no problems in the parts of the images I can see clearly.

- The colors don't appeal to me at all - this is either an issue with your camera settings (Picture Control and White Balance, for example) or your settings in Lightroom, or both. I always use Camera Neutral in LR as my starting point, by the way. If that doesn't give colors vivid enough to suit your taste, you can always adjust the saturation and vibrance, but I personally don't like the default Adobe Standard or the Camera Vivid settings.

- If you shot these images in NEF mode, you can probably correct the overexposure and color issues in Lightroom, using the WB, Exposure, Highlights, Black Point and Camera Calibration tools.

I note that you've got another thread about whether you should switch to Canon. I can't tell you what you should do, but if you want to avoid the nuisance of trying yet another system, I'd say you should spend some more time trying to learn the D600 and how to process the images in LR before you make your decision. These images are not a fair test of your camera and lens.

Good luck.

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