advice on off brand wide angle alternative to canon 17-40 wth canon 6D

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Re: 24 mm f/2.8 IS

veeco5150 wrote:

thanks...I've heard it is an amazing lens! I do have the 24-70 2.8L though. I'd prefer primes, but I will be super budget backpacking in hostel dorms from anywhere from 3 months to a couple of years...working very hard on disguises to make my camera bag look like it's not got anything valuable in it!

I'm trying to keep the kit as simple as possible. I have the 24-70L and the 70-200L, so just need a superwide to fit in there...and be small.

I think the 16-35L was actually smaller than the 17-40 L but also it was twice the price...and this stuff is going to get quite banged around...and the super wide will not be used all that much I think unless I use it on the 7d. I think for most purposes I think the 24 (on the 24-70) will be wide enough for most uses on the 6D.

Backpacking, in hostels??  In my neck of the woods, "backpacking" means something completely different.

Are you taking everything you'll need to be self-sufficient in your backpack?  Clothing, food, stove, sleeping bag, etc?  Obviously you won't need a tent...

I use an Osprey Aether 70 liter pack when I go backpacking (which, here, means hiking several miles up a mountain and staying several nights in the wilderness).  I keep my camera in a camera bag inside the pack, and I pad it on all sides with the warm clothing I need.  To anyone else, it's invisible.  You would think the stuff in the pack is mostly unappealing food, a tent, some rope, and dirty wool clothes.  This might work for you as well.  A backpacking backpack screams "I'm going camping!" and not "I have an expensive camera for you to steal."

You don't actually need a bear canister...

Personally, I wouldn't take three multi-thousand-dollar L zooms on a trip like the one you're describing.  And the 16-35 L isn't small or light.  (I've had one.)  But it sounds like you have a good idea what's in store for you and what's going to work best.  I agree that 24 mm is probably wide enough for the great majority of shots on a full frame camera.

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