Lumix GH3 Economic Lens?!

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Re: Lumix GH3 Economic Lens?!

Ron Outdoors wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

motionfull wrote:

... I am looking for a starter lens that works with the GH3, producing decent quality images and videos (mainly for indoors interviews for my school projects) that is between $200-300 ---or less :)...

The GH3 is an amazing camera, but despite all its technology it's only as good as the lens in front of it. IMHO it really doesn't make a lot of sense to buy one and then hobble it with a single lens which, by virtue of the fact that you're on a budget, isn't going to be the best.

If you're constrained by money, perhaps you should consider a less expensive camera. For example the Panasonic LX7 does a pretty good job of video, and it also has a built-in ND filter which can be very useful. You can then take the money you saved and use it to buy other useful equipment such as external sound/mic, lighting, fluid-head tripod, etc. In terms of "learning the ropes" (if that's what you're doing), I think that such a camera would be just as useful as a GH3.

Or consider getting the GH2 instead. A real bargain now that the GH3 is out. The savings would allow a greater lens choice. The GH2 has much more then decent still and video quality, and would be a great learning tool.

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Ron, thanks for your advice, too. I replied to Sean above the exact of what I would reply to you Thanks again for the advice, though.  Here it is again:

"I have to say I've been there. I should have explained in my question above. I bought the GH2 and returned it after about 10 days. I could not accommodate its shutter noise and my still images could not be up to the quality I want. I know people do great photos with it but I just wanted the option of silent shutter and, more importantly, my hands grip on the camera was not comfortable or practical. I had other reasons. Long story short: I returned it with the 14-140 lens it came with and got the GH3 body for same price. I am a film student and aspire to collect my lenses in fairly short time over the next 1-2 year. So money might be an issue but not permanently. I'll start with the cheaper one but then I will know what I exactly want from among the more professional ones. Does that make some sense? I thought I better keep a body I can be happy with over the coming years than one I already didn't like in 10 days. Thanks for the advice about the gear too. I will have to do that also gradually over coming months through eBay and deals I see locally."

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