Why are we all complaining???

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Re: Because we can.

M R Padmaraju wrote:

If you have a pro camera and it can do so many things by itself then why to call oneself a professional or an expert..photographer.



Because in the end, it's the photographer that takes the photo, not the camera. He/she's the one who selects the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, metering mode, AF mode, etc. The camera can do it itself in "AUTO", but it's rarely as reliable as if the photographer takes control.

It's not because you have a pro camera that you become a pro photographer. It's like having a McLaren F1 sports car. Or even a Formula 1 race car. I doesn't make you a professional driver. But a F1 professional driver will have a hard time competing against other drivers if he's driving a Dodge Charger while other drivers have F1 race cars.

What I'm talking about is actually how a tool suits the needs of a photographer. I have a power drill at home. Black and Decker, $30, and it only works with a cord. Why am I not buying a better drill? Because I only use this tool a couple of times in a year.

But for the pro construction worker, that drill might not (and probably won't) cut it. He/she's gonna buy the $400 SuperXBrand powerdrill that's got much more power, that uses Li-Ion batteries that can work 8 hrs on a single charge and in freezing temperatures.

Could this pro worker still get good results with that $30 drill I have? Sure. He/she's a pro. That person will get great results using a hand drill or a screwdriver, because that individual has the competence to do so. But the better tool will help doing it faster, with less hassle.

And he/she's gonna find it a pain to use my drill because it doesn't fits his/her needs. Plug, drill. Unplug, move away, plug, drill. Use a screwdriver to complete the job because the cheaper powertool can't drill through that metal sheet. And wish he/she had a better tool.

And that's why people complain about the K-5. It's a great DSLR, but it may not be good enough for some people, because it lacks a few features. For some, it's the tethered capture support (holy crap, how can Pentax NOT implement that into the K-5? it's SO easy to do...), for others, it's a full frame sensor to get clean pictures at ISO 12800 (like the D4) or 1 stop of additional dynamic range.

(By the way, that LX camera used film, and negative film had about 12-15 stops of DR with loads of contrast, while the best APS-C DSLRs have 10-14 stops of DR with low contrast or 7-10 stops with great contrast. Now that 1 stop of additional DR can make a huge difference for a pro shooting for a national advertisement campaign. It's also why some will skip the FF and go straight to the MF, has it provides even better color and tones reproduction, sometimes up to 2 bit more color detail than the best FF DSLR).

Let's face it, the K-5 is a great camera, probably the best APS-C DSLR available right now (on par with the D7000). But it's not flawless, and Canon and Nikon users also complain about their 7D and D7000. The difference, they can go for a 6D, 5D Mk III or D600, D800/D800E for about one or two thousand dollars more. The Pentax users who aren't satisfied with their K-5 need to switch brand (or spend an extra $7500 if the 645D fits their needs).

Pentax can make a better, more professional camera, and some people just want that.

They are people complaining because they can't use a camera properly and people complaining because the product doesn't match their requirements. For the first kind, a new, FF Pentax DSLR will not stop them complaining. For the second kind, it might, if the camera is up to the game. And if a FF Pentax DSLR is released, I'm sure it will be on par with its Canon and Nikon rivals.

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If photography can be considered like painting, then I'm still at the preschool "paint with your fingers" level.

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