How to avoid blinding people?

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Re: How to avoid blinding people?

Barrie Davis wrote:

You can also move the light further away or using multiple lights at lower power. Another good solutions is bouncing your light off a wall or ceiling (just make sure the wall or ceiling is a neutral color.)

It seems to me that your "solutions" result in less light hitting the subject... which is just replacing one problem with another.. (insufficient light to shoot by)

All that said, for people portraits with a still camera, strobes are the best way to go.

Here we can agree. Flash light is much brighter than tungsten halogen, but of such short duration nobody gets a chance to squint.


I took a look at your "Great Product Shots" web site, and have to say that *in my opinion*

.. you are right. They are GREAT!

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"Ahh... But the thing is, these guys were no ORDINARY time travellers!"

Barrie - thanks for the kind words on my website. I appreciate it.

On the topic at hand, bouncing light or using multiple lights doesn't necessarily mean less light on the subject. You can turn up the power to compensate. The idea is to go more indirect or spead out the light source(s) so people aren't squinting.

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