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RAW is 12MP (except 6MP 'EXR-SN') ...

veroman wrote:

I recently started shooing my X10 in RAW + JPEG to see what the differences might be and what I might lose or gain with RAW. Been happy with JPEG to this point.

No matter what I do or what settings I choose, the RAW files are 2816x2116. Can this be? Is the X10 only capable of 6MP in RAW mode? If the answer is Yes, that's the strangest thing I've come across in a long time.

How are you judging the 'RAW image size' - i.e. what software are you using?

The X10 RAW files usually contain all 12MP - except when 'EXR-SN' is being deployed, in which case the RAW files only contain 6MP.

You can tell whether the RAW file is 12MP or 6MP (EXR-SN) quite simply by the file size - 12MP RAW files are roughly 19 MBytes whereas 6MP (EXR-SN) RAW files are only about 10 MBytes.

It's interesting to note that the full 12MP RAW files actually contain two separated data blocks of 6MP images each, two 'sub-frames', each sub-frame derived from one pixel of the 'EXR' sensor's 'pixel-pairs' (and those 'sub-frames' are 'Bayer' pattern layout).

Note: I believe it has been reported that some RAW conversion software may not properly demosaic/interpolate by using the full two RAW file 'sub-frames', but instead might take the easy route of just using only one of the sub-frames, thus resulting in only a 6MP image.

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