Why I'm wondering to switch to Canon after my experience with D600 + 24-70mm

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Re: Why I'm wondering to switch to Canon after my experience with D600 + 24-70mm

wint wrote:

glo wrote:

With all due respect, you are wrong with your analysis on a number of things you said, but since you have the right to express your opinion and spend your money any way you wish, best of luck with the Canon brand. Until you have more experience at photography and better understand how the equipment is supposed to work, you'll likely be complaining about your gear no matter what brand it is.


Could you explain please? I want to hear more from you.

It was explained earlier to you.  Depending on workflow, there is no difference in color.  Like the poster said, he wants to be in control of the color not Nikon or Canon.  Shoot raw, with Lightroom, the raw workflow is easy compared to what it used to be.

Oil and dust are a part of digital cameras.  Yes, the D600 might/has an issue with oil, but hopefully that will clear up over time.  The SD slot, perhaps you have a bad camera and should of exchanged it?

Unless you buy a used lens from a place like KEH, then yes, that's a crap shoot.  Not Nikon's fault, yours.

I don't like Canon simply because their philosophy is different than Nikon.  The layouts are different and ergonomics are different.  I prefer Nikon, others prefer Canon.  That's the beauty of a free capital environment.  You can choose where and with what to spend your money on.  For me, I will spend it with Nikon.

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