XZ-10 a game changer?

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Re: There's a few issues though - the size of the sensor and the file types

I am surprised to see you mocking small sensor cameras on the compact forum. As the 1/1.7" sensor is only 1.7 times larger than a 1/2.3" sensor's 28.5 square mm's (big pin!) you obviously class that as a slightly larger pinhead and in effect all the sensors used by cameras relevant to this forum's users as pinhead.

I have a Canon Ixus 230 HS camera which gives surprisingly good images for a pin head and Bokeh at 224mm equiv on a close subject even with f5.9.

I think the XZ-10 sounds an interesting pocketable camera with f2.7 at 130mm and look forward to seeing if it is a more affordable option than the XZ-2 which is currently a frightening £400 in the UK.

Ben Herrmann wrote:

The X10 has a 1/2.3" sensor - in otherwords, a tiny pin-head variety.

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