E-mount lenses focus more accurately than A-mount lenses?

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Re: E-mount lenses focus more accurately than A-mount lenses?

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

I bought the LA-EA2 and a couple lenses a while a ago, and took pictures with them for several occasions. When I viewed them at 100% however few photos appeared to be slightly off focus. I thought it was a back/front focus issue where I'd need microadjustment but on other photos the same lens/FL/aperture/etc produce focused pictures.

This never happens to me with E-mount lenses; if I chose the point I want to focus and all the right settings, then it'll focus spot on (despite being slower and sometimes not having enough light to focus at all).

So I was wondering if this a difference between CDAF & PDAF, in that CDAF will focus spot when correctly focused and that no matter what you do PDAF may still slightly misfocus at times?

CDAF can be more accurate than PDAF but at the expense of speed. But, if focus is acquired where it needs to be, then the mode doesn't matter. I have not been able to use my LAEA2 much yet but while looking at some test shots with missed focus, I discovered back focus issue and when corrected delivered spot on results.

So it might always be good to test for back/front focus issue on A-mount lenses to adjust for micro adjustment huh? I was just confused when I saw a few photos with slight miss focus when viewed enlarged while other photos were spot on from the same lens.

Like, I shot these two photos with a Minolta 135mm f/2.8 almost simultaneously and the first photo appear slightly miss focused to me when viewed 100% while the second photo seemed fine

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