GH2 or GH3 for film ?

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Re: I have considered this and bought a second GH2 in December ($500, B&H).

Along with traditional HD video cameras, I purchased and used GH1's and then GH2's in my video production business. I recently bought a GH3 and have found it to be a far better camera for video than the previous versions. The GH3 has better dynamic range, less noise and artifacts in the shadows, better high ISO performance, much higher bit-rate recording choices, and finally, 1080 60p and recordable HDMI out. In addition, there is better on-board camera audio control (finally a headphone jack - and it includes both real-time and "confidence" monitoring), the list goes on.

For handheld work, I find the larger size, added controls and overall ergonomics much improved. And, battery life is much longer than before . I am hired to produce a wide variety of video projects and I won't always use the GH3, but it is now much closer to being the "right camera for the job" than earlier versions. I also tested and then purchased both the 14-42mm and 45-175mm Vario X Power Zoom lenses, because, like it or not, the need for a smooth power zoom in some types of professional video will always be there. And, because I also shoot stills, I can now say I will use the GH3 for that as well.

Most of the reports on the high bit-rate hacks for the GH1 and GH2 come from users who are mostly concerned with "finally making their movie" and are recording very short takes. The Gh3 moves beyond that.

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